Friday, September 14, 2012

The Great Master Speaks

Giddy Gossip: Hello and welcome to the first in our feature series on the archetypes. What does it mean to embody a stereotype? Why is everyone copying you? What are your favorite pizza toppings? These are the important questions and we are here to answer them. I am Giddy Gossip and here we meet our first subject, the Wise Master. How are you doing today, Mr. Master? 

Wise Master: The air moves but the grass does not sway. 

Giddy Gossip: Great to hear. So I am sure all our readers want to know everything we can about you. Let’s start at the beginning. What exactly is a Wise Master? 

Wise Master: I have been called by many names, and many names I am.

Giddy Gossip: Nice. Nice. So what does it mean to be wise? 

Wise Master: A goldfish swims many miles but gets nowhere. 

Giddy Gossip: What exactly are you a master of? How long did it take? And what do you like on your pizza? 

Wise Master: I speak the songs of the sky whose beginning has no end. And I like pineapple. 

Giddy Gossip: So you sing? What kind of songs do you know?

Wise Master: A sheep on the road knows no fear.

Giddy Gossip: Never heard of it. Sounds like a country song. Now that we know each other, tell me. Who was the worst student you ever taught?

Wise Master: I knew a man who couldn’t speak and a woman who couldn’t hear.

Giddy Gossip: Sounds like a juicy romance novel. Tell me more.

Wise Master: They walked together but alone. A tragedy of comedies.

Giddy Gossip: Not sure I follow you but let’s run with it. So why do you dress like a homeless beggar?

Wise Master: The butterfly is naked.

Giddy Gossip: I’m not asking about the butterfly. I want to know about you. Spill the beans. Were you robbed? Are you on drugs? Could you show us some martial arts?

Wise Master: Boot to the head.

Giddy Gossip: And there you have it. The Wise Master. A walking fortune cookie. Tune in next time as I interview another one of these freaky people. This is Giddy Gossip signing out and falling down.

We (well mostly I) thought that it would be nice to spice things up a bit around here by getting a few more "guest" posts from my husband. This is a guest post in that I pretty much write everything around here, but it's not because this is also a blog that belongs to Gothic Panda Studios which is both me and my husband. It strikes me as a little odd that I do most of the writing on our blog, on the website, Etsy descriptions, and so on when he is the writer for our team. Well, I plan on fixing that. So, if you've enjoyed the text descriptions for our badges, then I'm sure you'll get a kick out of his contributions to this blog. -Panda  

The Wise Master is one of our Character Archetype badges. You can view all of our Archetypes on Etsy or on our Website.

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