Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It's about time I posted one of these. With the holidays over, we're settling into a routine. I think I might be able to fit in some writing during this time, but it's going to be hit or miss for now. On a positive note though, right before Christmas, we found a house that would be nearly perfect for our family. It has enough bedrooms for everyone to have their own room--even the new one coming. On top of that it has a huge bonus room that I can use as a craft room. =D There's even space in the formal dining room--since we don't really need one of those--to put all the kids' homeschool stuff. The garage is also large enough to put a workbench for projects that need ventilation. The best part is it is a short sale, which means it's in our price range for what we can afford. We put an offer on it, and the sellers have accepted it. Now, we're just waiting to see if the seller's bank will accept our offer. I really hope they do because this house would be great for our family. If we get a positive back from the bank, we'll close 30 days after they approve it, and then we get to move again (for the last time I hope). If not, then we'll have to start looking again, but I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for a positive for this house. =)

So, that's how the house hunt and homelessness is going. We were at Magfest last weekend, which was fun. One of the neatest parts was Wednesday evening I got to drive my little car into the vendor area right up to my table to unload. That was just plain fun. The weekend went well. My husband participated in 4 panels, which he claims went well. =P I won't be posting a full con report on this one for lack of time--I'm going to have to get off the computer soon now. I will be updating my website and DA accounts with the new Sailor bookmarks and the new What Woulds I finished for Magfest soon (I hope). Right now, I'm working on the most awesome commission ever (it involves Final Fantasy VI), a new set of original designs similar to the Zodiacs but based off of birthstones, new What Woulds--the 6 I didn't finish before Magfest + 4 others--and the bookmark set based off of The Guild, which I started December 2010 and was supposed to have been finished for Magfest 2011 (clearly it wasn't). XD As we've been settling into a routine of sorts, I have been able to work on art a little more consistently, and if I can get some writing time in for my blog here, then I should be able to put up some work-in-progress stuff here and there. ^_^