Friday, June 29, 2012

Post That Isn't What It Should Be

Today is Friday, and it was supposed to be the next and possibly last post in my series of posts on my work space. Unfortunately I am not feeling so well this evening--not horribly sick like I was earlier this month, but enough that I feel like taking it easy tonight. Really, I just don't feel like cleaning up the rest of my craft room to make it photographable. XD

I will be spending my evening with Sophie (now one month old), and we will be watching Pride and Prejudice--the A&E version from 1995. There's nothing like an evening enjoying Colin Firth. =P My husband and my three boys are off camping--I'll take wagers on how early they come back tomorrow considering how hot it is supposed to be. We have our D&D game for June tomorrow, so they will be back by 1-2 at the latest. I am expecting them well before lunch though personally.

Since I am not feeling so sick that I can do nothing but lay on the couch, I have also brought my laptop downstairs out of my craft room, so I can do some work on the computer while watching Pride and Prejudice and delighting in its witty banter. Maybe I'll actually get my website updated--it desperately needs it. Otherwise, I plan on working on some new artwork and maybe taking a nap. =P

Random thought: right now, I am near the middle to end of the first disc of Pride and Prejudice and Lizzy is visiting Lady Catherine in Kent. Lady Catherine reminds me of a froofy lap dog--not sure why, but it's an impression I've had since the very first time I watched the series. The scenes where Darcy visits Lizzy where it's just the two of them in this part of the movie are some of my favorite scenes in the whole movie. I think the film does an excellent job capturing the awkwardness of their relationship at that point in the story. A lot of books don't translate well to film, and especially not taken word for word from the book. However, I think this is one of the exceptions. I think that might be partially because one of the greatest strengths in Jane Austin's work is the dialogue and character interaction. A&E's rendition of Pride and Prejudice keeps nearly all of the dialogue from the book and allows for time for character and relationship development.

I like stories that are primarily character-driven, which is probably why I like Jane Austin so much. Another character driven story that I've greatly enjoyed is the Rose of the Prophet trilogy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. I also happen to really enjoy watching men in 19th century formal clothing. Anyone have any suggestions for good books with character-driven stories? I might be interested in a movie or two as well, although I do prefer books.


  1. Mmm, Weis and Hickman. I loved their Dragonlance Legends series about Raistlin and Caramon. I may be do for another re-read of that series... It's been so long! But I'm going to look into Rose of the Prophet and see what it's all about!

    As for a character-driven story, I wish I had something to give you! I know that I have books like that, but I'm not so sure what I think you'd like. :\

    1. I want to re-read Dragonlance Chronicles and Legends. Maybe it'll motivate me to finish the Heroes of the Lance bookmark set I started a while back.

      I have pretty eclectic taste in books. I'm willing to give most anything a chance.