Monday, July 2, 2012

Blue Exorcist

Over the last month, my husband and I watched Blue Exorcist. This series is about a pair of twin brothers, Rin and Yukio Okumura. They are half demons, specifically they are the sons of Satan with a human mother. They are raised by a Catholic priest at a church in Japan. The story follows both brothers, although it tends to focus more on Rin, technically the older brother. Rin is the more out-going brother who is troublesome, impulsive, and only one to have inherited any of his father's power. The story follows the pair as Rin trains to be an exorcist to avenge the death of his adopted father (yes that's technically a spoiler, but it happens before the end of the 2nd episode, so it's really not much of one).

This series follows the trend of killing off my favorite characters--I decided in episode one that I liked the priest who raised the two boys. As stated above, he was dead in the next episode. >_< I don't know how I manage to always pick out the characters who die. The plot was okay. It was fairly slow up until the end, and it had a clean enough wrap up. My biggest complaint is that the end came rather abruptly. Prior to the last few episodes the plot was moving at a pace that was more like a 52+ episode series.

The series has an interesting cast of characters, and I was surprised out who I ended up liking out of the series. For instance, I usually like the quiet, intelligent guy with glasses (like Kyoya Ootori from Ouran High School Host Club), and I usually find the loud, not-so-bright guy irritating. In this case, I really didn't care much for Yukio. He came across as really wishy-washy to me. Alternatively, I found Rin entertaining and refreshing--in one of my favorite episodes, Blue Exorcist demonstrated that it was possible for a main character in anime to be able to cook and not be what I can an Angel Archetype. I believe this was Episode 6. Overall, I won't say it was the best series I've ever watched, but it was far from the worst. It's a fun anime, and was definitely worth watching.

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