Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wednesday WIP: Vol 31

Let's see what's new this week... Well not much artsy. XD It's been pretty busy this past week: we had our June D&D game this past Saturday, we started school this past Monday (we being the kids, and since they're homeschooled, that means I started school too), and we had 4 doctor appointments for 4 different people yesterday (just check-ups; no one's sick thankfully). The game was fun; we are starting a new campaign. It turns out I am playing Yoda--even if that wasn't what I intended when I created the character. I started with the concept of playing an 80-year old halfing woman (or whatever the halfling equivalent to an 80 year old human would be, but basically she's supposed to be an ancient shriveled and short old person) who was going to be my husband's character's grandmother. I picked a sorcerer class because I knew I would be up and down with Sophie so I didn't want a class requiring combat strategy (i.e., melee-based class). Well, after playing the character, between her high movement (from feats, a few magic items, and cloth armor) and the fact that a lot of her powers result in her teleporting around the board, we decided that she was Yoda. That was fun. So far, the kids are liking the new curriculum we've started (we'll see how that goes after the first week or so). Also, at my appointment yesterday, I got the go-ahead to get back to exercising--I was told that everything has pretty much healed up they way it's supposed to, so I don't have to worry about injuring myself or overdoing it. =D

Anyways, back onto the appropriate blog topic. So, I've established that not a whole lot has happened art-wise in the last week. What has happened? Well, first off, remember those eyes I had on my desk for Rarity that I posted about in my last WIP blog? Well I got those glued together and ready to add to my Rarity plushie (once I get the plushie assembled--that's still a body with a pile of appendages laying around waiting to be attached).

I almost got the Katniss sketch from last week scanned into my computer to ink... almost. It turns out that I need to find the registration code for my copy of Manga Studio before I can do that--I'd forgotten about that. Usually I take care of that with installation, but it never prompted me for it. Apparently Manga Studio wants the code when you first try and load the program. Go figure. In any case, the card with the code on it is still packed somewhere in our garage. =P It also turns out that this isn't too much of a problem because my old computer saved a copy of the code in an accessible place--would have been nice to have known that before I spent most of my art time last night trying to figure out where I put it, giving up, and starting to try and transfer files back to the old computer (it was about when I got the old scanner downstairs to plug up to the old computer that my husband told me he could probably find the code for me). XD No real progress, but now the program should work, so next week's WIP post should be better.

Oh, and I also cleaned my craft room, so it's ready for pictures and the last post for my Craft Room series. =D Since this entailed cleaning up the mess I made cleaning out Artist Alley table stuff from Magfest back in January, I think this was a sizable feat.

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