Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday WIP: Vol. 30

It's been a busy week in my world, although sadly a lot of that busy was working on art projects. Still, there has been some progress since last week. =) There's nothing really new as far as sewing projects go. I helped alter a dress a good friend of mine wanted to wear to a wedding this week, but I don't think that counts. XD I do have a little bit done on my Rarity plushie. I am almost finished building her eyes. =) It may not sound like a lot, but cutting all those little tiny pieces out of felt and making it so they don't disintegrate takes a fair amount of time. Pictured below is what I have finished of her eyes. The final size is about 1"x1" to give you an idea of how small the pieces I am working with are.

The bulk of my progress over the last week was on the Final Fantasy VI noir commission. It is finished. =D

I have also gotten a little work done on new art. Getting back to the Hunger Games bookmark/postcard set I've been working on, I have a sketch for my design for the 3rd outfit Cinna designed for Katniss.

I am hoping that over the next week I will have both the Rarity and Katniss projects finished and maybe even some work done on a few other things.

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