Monday, September 30, 2013

Lame Post is Lame

I could not think of something interesting to post about today. I try to make Monday's posts about me, so something personal.

Except, I'm not doing anything super exciting at the moment.

But then, why are my Wednesday WIP posts so...bleh--in other words, there hasn't been much new there.

Where is all that time going? I mean, there isn't anything super exciting, we're on break from school, and I'm caught up on commissions, and I'm almost caught up on blankets. Where is the time going?

The answer: right now, it's just tons and tons of little things. There are lots of random one-time events and activities, stuff I've volunteered to do, and so on. They are all things that by themselves aren't big time-sinks, but when you add them together in large quantities, then, yeah, they can make time disappear pretty quickly.

September was like that. My calendar was basically blacked out with stuff going on. October is quickly disappearing. We were even supposed to have a week-long break in the middle of October, but even that's disappeared--it's down to 3 days from 9.

None of the things I'm doing are bad in and of themselves. I could use a break though. So, you know, my November had better be a lot less full, or else... I don't know... I doubt a personal emotional/mental breakdown would be all that cataclysmic or world-shaking. XD

Anyways. Here's to having something more interesting to post about next week. =P

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