Thursday, January 29, 2015


Next week, my husband and I will celebrate 15 years of being married.

Yes. Fifteen years!

To kick off getting this block back up and on its feet, I am going to share with you guys our plans to celebrate. Typically any anniversary ending in "5" or "0" could be considered milestones and worthy of extra celebration, although after year 5, the bigger milestones focus on the "0" years like 10, 20, etc. So, 15 isn't really that big a deal, although it is more impressive than 12 of 14. Of course, I'd love just about any excuse to go off on some super fun (and probably expensive adventure). However, as fun as that would be, we're going to save it for 20, 25, or 30, because... yeah... we're broke. Haha. Besides, I've got lots of anniversaries to plan in the future; our goal is to beat my great grandparents who celebrated 75 years together before they passed away.

So, what are we going to do? We aren't going to do anything super impressive, but since it is 15 years, we're going to do something to make it a little more special than a normal anniversary. We are planning to spend every day next week, Monday through Friday, doing something small to celebrate; it's kind of like a week of date nights. So, the itinerary:

Monday: We're going to go out for dinner--nothing fancy because then I'd feel obligated to dress up. Ok, so I'll probably do something to look nice. I hardly ever wear make-up or put my hair up in anything other than a messy bun. On evenings like this, I do go out of my way to look a little nicer, even if it's not super fancy, to show my husband that he's worth looking nice for. (Let's put this in perspective: since I work primarily from home, I don't bother getting out of my jammies most days--not that I'm lazy; my jammies are just super comfy.)

Tuesday: We're going to hang out at home, maybe order pizza, and curl up with Crunchyroll. We're going to pick something random to watch off our to-watch list, or maybe not. We might just watch something completely random. I'm leaning towards Sword Art Online 2, but we'll see.

Wednesday: Wednesday we're going to just hang out. Maybe turn on the fireplace (it's still weird to me having a gas fireplace; when I was growing up we had to do things the old-fashioned way... you know with wood, and paper, and the headache of trying to get the wood to catch). Maybe have a candlelit dessert (dinner will be at church that night, which means lots of good food, which means no room for anything but dessert or something equivalently small).

Thursday: We are going to empty our game closet. My husband gets home from work a little early on Thursdays so we can start earlier. We are going to attempt to play through every board game we own. I anticipate losing most of them.

Friday: This one's going to be extra fun. We are going to be up in Black Mountain visiting family for my grandmother's 80th birthday over the weekend, so we are going to drive into Asheville Friday evening and visit some of our old haunts from when we were dating.

I'm really looking forward to next week. We're getting a little bit of a lot of things that we enjoy. The best part: I get to spend the best part of next week with my awesome husband.

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