Monday, November 28, 2011

Moving Recap

For those who have been watching my blog, you'll know that we've been moving around, a lot, and dealing with a lot of crazy stuff with our house, which due primarily to cruddy market conditions and too much competition was not selling. Well, on Nov. 1 we got an offer on our house. I'll admit I nearly cried when I listened to the message from our listing agent. Those were words I never thought I'd hear. That call though was the start of a long and stressful month. We have had to go through various inspections and negotiations. Once everything was agreed on, we had a small list of repairs that we had to have fixed. I'm used to fixing everything myself, but the buyers wanted licensed contractors (not that I blame them), but I discovered what a headache it was trying to work with those people, plus the sheer number of contractors out there totally willing to rip you off. For example electric: almost everyone I talked wanted around $2500 for the work citing high material costs. I did find someone more reasonable, and in the end I paid less than 20% of what the other companies wanted to get the work done. Still it's sad that there were so many contractors out there who were charging so much more than what was necessary.

Most of that is over with now. We moved everything out of the house and into storage on Friday, minus stuff for my art business, the kids' school work, and clothes. Almost all of the repairs are already finished. The only things left are to pick up our cats from the house, get the carpets cleaned and some minor work done on our furnace. We're getting the cats today. I'm looking forward to this; I missed them over the weekend. The carpet cleaners are also coming today. We have the heating contractor scheduled for early Wednesday morning. I'm pretty sure this guy's ripping us off--he came back with a number 1.5x what they'd quoted us for when he came out to look at the furnace more closely (on the day we thought he was coming out to actually fix the thing). Unfortunately by that point in time, they were the only ones we could get to come out and fix it before closing. >_< I'm trying not to think about that too much, and with luck, everything will be done with this Wednesday. Closing is at noon. I've been counting the days to closing for most of this month and stressing over all the details, trying to make sure everything on our side goes as smoothly as possible. Now it's almost to the point of counting down the hours.

Since closing is on Wednesday, I'm going to try and get on top of things and write up my WIP post Tuesday night, but since I generally fail at things like that, the WIP post might not get posted until Thursday. =P One of these days I'll get my butt organized. In the mean time, I'll continue spending my time working on projects and stumbling through things as best I can. ^_^

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