Thursday, December 1, 2011

Works in Progress No 1, Vol 9

Technically this should be No. 3 or 4 or something for November, but it's December now, and November wasn't a great month for getting any kind of art or craft work done. On that note, I have high hopes for December. I only have a little bit to post for today, but look at it as the start of what's going to be a highly productive and fun month. =D

First up, a couple of friends of ours had their second baby boy just before Thanksgiving. Normally I like to make baby blankets for people, and usually I like to get it finished before the baby's born. This time, it's already here, and I'm only just getting started. No big deal. =P I'll have it ready in time for Christmas. When I made the blanket for their #1 boy, they'd asked for autumn or earthy colors, but when I went shopping for yarn, the selections of warm colors, especially the oranges, were horrendous. They were all too bright or too pastel, so that blanket ended up going with greens. This time though, I found a great dark orange color, so this time they will get an autumn blanket. Right now it looks like a nifty scarf. =P

The other post I have is the random badge project I started at Anime USA. I'm not going to say what it is right now. Can you guess? I hand-inked it and did some pencil shading because I was bored. I will probably scan it into Manga Studio and redo the lineart digitally because I'm not overly happy with it. Otherwise, I like it. It makes me giggly.

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