Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blog Update

This is just a quick update to let anyone reading this know that I have not forgotten my blog. I have quickly discovered that, although life where I'm living right now is less stressful overall than while living at our old house while it was on the market, it has been very difficult to find reliable time to write for my blog. We've gotten the process started for finding a new place to live, so I'm hoping that we can be out of here before too long and back to normalcy (or at least what passes for it around our home). Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to reliably keep this blog up until we get moved in to a new place of our own. I am still going to try and do work in progress updates, although they might not always be on Wednesdays. I'll post other entries as I get chances to write. ^_^ Who knows, maybe we'll find some kind of routine where I can get back to writing before then. I'll try to be optimistic.

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