Thursday, February 12, 2015

Art WIP -- The Angler

I have high hopes that this is going to be a good year at Gothic Panda Studios. I am changing up how I do things, at least a little. One big change is going to be that I am not going to be doing 100% digital art, or at least not 100% digitally inked and colored. I have always preferred good old pencil and paper for designing and sketching my art. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned that way. I also prefer writing with pencil and paper, as opposed to typing, and I prefer books... real books... you know the print books with paper and stuff because I love the way paper smells. I also think there is something about a blank sheet of paper that gives me goosebumps. It's exciting. Sometimes it's terrifying or overwhelming. There's so much potential in it.

But I'm rambling there. =P What was the point I was trying to get at? Some of my art is going to be 100% traditional. I am experimenting some with different mediums and different styles. Now, my style isn't going to change enormously; I see this process as honing my style and making it better and more me. Personally, I'm really excited.

Design Sketch
So, anyways. This is supposed to be a WIP post, so here are a couple of sketches for a new set and a new original design.

This is my Angler Mermaid. She is based off of the Angler fish, and is going to be one of the first in a series of mermaids inspired by different marine creatures (mostly fish). My goal with this is to stretch my creativity and see what I can come up with. I would love for this one to be one of my 100% traditional designs, but I'm still deciding whether I can get the effect I want with the resources I have. I guess we'll just see how things work out. =D

I really want to have dead Marlin/Dory on her claws/nails. Would that be too dark?

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