Thursday, February 19, 2015

Zodiac Designs on Society 6

Some time ago, I posted my Panda design from the Poor Man's Zodiac on Society 6. Ostensibly I did this because I wanted a mug with the panda on it. I also posted my Biohobbit poster there because I have yet to find a decent way to ship my larger prints. From what I can tell, Society 6 offers good print quality and they manage shipping, so it seems win-win to me, since dealing with shipping is one of my least favorite parts of managing an online store. Recently, we went ahead and uploaded the rest of our zodiac designs--from both the Chinese Zodiac and Poor Man's Zodiac sets. We originally intended to post them as prints, mugs, throw pillows, and tote bags. Since the throw pillows and tote bags share the design file with rugs, duvet covers, and shower curtains, you can also get them in that form as well. I admit, it is somewhat tempting to get the Narwhal as a shower curtain. All of the designs, except for the prints, include the haiku. We have some thoughts of releasing the designs for phone case and/or computer decal, but neither my husband nor I have had a chance to properly format the designs for either of those things.


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