Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Code Geass

Code Geass is one of my all time favorite animes--right next to Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I love this series for so many reasons. I've seen it all the way through maybe 3 times. I'm working on a 4th.

Why is this anime so awesome? There are a lot of reasons, but for me, it is the characterization. I love the variety of characters. I like that Lelouch is not a standard "hero." That role actually falls to Suzaku. There are a bazillion side characters, which, if you know me, makes me the happiest of fans. Although a series doesn't have to have side characters, I think they help flesh out the world because, well, most worlds don't revolve around the lives of half a dozen characters; they tend to be limited. You can still have a good series with just a few characters (Madoka Magica), but I find I do tend to like the stories that include larger casts of characters. My two favorite characters from Code Geass are actually side characters: Lloyd and Rakshata. And for once, my favorites don't die (OMG).

Most people have heard of Code Geass, but for those who haven't, let me throw in a little caveat on what the series is about. It's a postapocalyptic styled future roughly; most of the world has been conquered and falls under the imperial control of a country called Britannia. Lelouch hates the Britannian Empire and meets C.C., an unusual girl who gives Lelouch the power of Geass. This power allows him to give one command to any person who has eye contact with him (but it only works once on a person). Geass gives Lelouch the power to fight against Britannia. The rest of the story pretty much follows Lelouch's war on Brtiannia. The plot is actually a little more complicated than that, in how it's told; that is really a very basic synopsis of the series premise. I like the more complicated plot. Some of the story is predictable, but there are plenty of surprises too. It kept me entertained, and I like how I can sit down with friends and hash out plot points or character choices and break it down on a sociological or political level.

This is just gorgeous. It's from one of the art books.
I also love Code Geass for the costume design, and for anyone new to my blog or to my taste, yes, I will watch something or play a game simply because I like the costume design for the characters. I suppose the same also goes for not watching or not playing something. Maybe this makes me strange, but whatever. =P Given unlimited resources, I would cosplay several variations of C.C. and I love Euphemia's formal gown from the art book. It is a political drama with a side of mecha. If this is your thing; watch it. Even if it's not, watch it. =P It's not really my thing, and I did not really expect to like it. It's a little like Game of Thrones with technology but with less sex, and maybe a few more people make it through to the end... maybe...

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