Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March WIPs

#1-->Seven of Wands: Heero Yuy.
First of all, I've never watched Gundam... not any version of it ever. XD You might wonder then how Heero ever made it into the Anime Tarot set I've been working on. The Seven of Wands stands for eliminating problems. Now originally I'd intended on putting Light from Deathnote into that spot. He kind of fits. But long story short, during the process of compiling the set, Heero's name was added to the list primarily because I already had a character from Deathnote, and as of yet Gundam is unrepresented.

I got my first actual look at the character a week ago when I started digging up references. I'll admit, I expected something along the lines of a solid colored uniform of sorts--I've seen Duo Maxwell cosplayers for years and that had shaped what I'd expected to see from Gundam. So the last thing I expected to see was a scrawny kid in a tank top *tucked into* skin-tight bike shorts. Personally I thought his outfit was kind of frightening... although really I think it was just the shorts. This particular piece is still very much a work in progress. It needs lineart and *much* better coloring.

#2 --> Chibi Amigurumi Moogle

Anyone who spends time around me will know I'm a huge Final Fantasy fan. It should be no surprise then that the Moogle creature from the Final Fantasy series made it onto my list of plushies to put together. So far... all that's finished is the body, arms, legs, ears, and nose. The little pompom on top of his head is *almost* finished. That may sound like a lot, but honestly those are the easier pieces for a project like this. I'm still playing around with the wings; so far nothing acceptable has come from that yet. I think I can come up with something though--it can't be any worse than Pikachu's tail, right?

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