Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Beginnings - What This Is All About

Welcome to my blog. Before jumping into all the fun stuff, I wanted to take a moment to sit down and let you know what to expect from my blog.

First, I want a place to communicate with people. I want to hear what you guys think, what you like and don't like, and your opinions -- even negative ones. I am always open to suggestions for new things -- I won't do everything that people suggest, but I will consider every recommendation.

Second, I want to document some of the back-end details on how I create my art, crocheted stuff, and anything else you'll find on my tables in Artist Alley or in my Etsy shop -- inspiration, scrapped versions, and work-in-progress previews. These posts should provide insight into the how and why I do things, and they should also give you a chance to provide feedback. I will also include information on specials for my Etsy shop.

Third, I will be doing the same thing for Team Sidequest's projects. This may eventually move into it's own blog, but right now a lot of what goes on at Team Sidequest is very closely tied to Gothic Panda Studios. For those unfamiliar with Team Sidequest, T.S. is a brand new game company that specializes in table top RPGs, board games, and card games--you know all those fun old fashioned games. ;-) These posts will also include special bonuses for readers, such as free game downloads.

Fourth, I will rant on random topics related to anime, video games, lolita, or anything else that strikes my interest.

Finally, I will provide insight into projects unrelated to my art shop or Team Sidequest. This will include mostly personal projects like cosplay.
My current goal is to update this blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This is my first blog project, so I may adjust that schedule if I think it's unrealistic--I will make announcement if it changes. =)

Note: Originally posted to WordPress on March 9, 2011. Reposted here when I moved to Blogger.

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