Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Work Space - A Work In Progress

In July 2006, we moved into our first house, and it was epic. It had an extra room, a converted carport, that I was able to turn into a craft workroom. It was awesome... ok, so if I'm honest with myself, it was only somewhat awesome because I never actually got it organized to the point where it could be really functional. However, it was still a space of my own and I was able to use it -- it just stayed in a constant state of chaos and clutter.

In August 2010, we moved again. This house has an extra room too, but right now, it isn't connected to the house's central heating, plus we've been using it as storage for all those boxes we didn't want to unpack -- it might be worth noting that at least 80% of those boxes were filled with all those craft supplies and tools that I never got organized back in the first house. The motivation to do something: my dining room is a complete wreck, and it's hard to deal with having my craft stuff consuming our living space after being spoiled for 4 years by a separate craft room.

Before 1
Before 2

Well, the first step in turning the extra room I have now into a good workspace was to go through all of those boxes. So, a couple of weeks ago, my mom -- who happens to be an organizational genius -- came down for a couple of days and she and I went through every box in "The Cave" -- my term for the room because it's set slightly below the rest of the house and is kind of darkish and currently very cold. Go us! Alright, so again, if I'm honest, it's still very much a work in progress, as much as I'd like to say I'm finished. We got everything in all the boxes sorted by project and supply type: Cosplay and Quilting, Scrapbooking and Stamping, Cross Stitch, Knitting and Crocheting, and Art (drawing, painting, etc). I'd say that's an excellent start. Now I just need to get it all put up on the shelves in a nice organized way (as opposed to just putting everything on the shelves in a haphazard way like what I normally do).


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