Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I have a new love. I finally sat down and watched RWBY--my cousin has been trying to get me to watch it since it came out. I really meant to watch it sooner. I'd seen the trailers and wanted to but... you know... life and stuff.

Can we talk about how awesome this series is? Ok, the story is mediocre, and animating in Poser is definitely not as smooth as what I'm used to watching. I'm still enjoying the story, and once I get used to the style, the animation isn't bothersome. In fact, the action is truly amazing--some of the combat scenes, I feel, qualify as absolutely brilliant. The characters are fun, and as usual, I find the side-characters especially interesting.

So, what's RWBY about? It is about four girls (and some others) who attend a school for hunters and huntresses, people who fight monsters called grim and otherwise protect the civilian population. The characters follow a color-theme (Red, White, Black, Yellow--Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang). Each has a unique fighting style in which they are very skilled. That's the basic premise. The series is fun, and fairly fast-paced. Episodes in the first season average 6-7 minutes and increase to 12-13 minutes for the second season. Check it out on Crunchyroll. It doesn't take long to watch, and if I can manage to find some time to get through it with everything I
have going, then so can you. =P No excuses.

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