Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Website!

My website at gothicpandastudios.com went down because of issues with hosting--not their fault (we were going through some personal family stuff that was expensive and could not afford the hosting renewal fee, so we let the site go). Since the site had to come down for a couple of months, I thought it might be time for a redesign. It's had the same look and feel since 2010, so it was about time for an overhaul anyways.

I have put together a new site. I also have a new domain name! For now I still own gothicpandastudios.com, but I'm probably going to let that expire, since I now have gothicpanda.com. =D I was incredibly excited to see that domain was available. It had been owned by someone with just a placeholder site there for the last several years (since 2008). Nothing ever went up. So, you can now visit my new website at: http://www.gothicpanda.com. The old domain will redirect to the new one for the next little bit--at least through this fall. Well... it'll redirect once I get it set to do that. XD I'm slow about doing these things because honestly, managing websites and whatnot really isn't my thing, so it tends to get delegated to the end of my to-do lists.

So, my website has a new look and a new name. It's not 100% finished. The galleries in place now are really just place holders for the new projects I'm putting together right now. If I haven't mentioned before, I'll just say it now. Almost everything you have seen finished before is going to be put on clearance. Things are changing around here. Ok, they're not changing that much--like I will still be doing a lot of parody work, and maybe a few things that are not as funny.

So, what is changing? Print quality is going to be better. Badges are going away. Prints will be available in multiple sizes (after many requests to do such). All prints will be limited. I will have a set number printed, and that's it. I will not be reprinting prints. Almost everything coming will be new sets. I am only keeping and continuing a couple of my older sets--actually only 3 (hint: they're the ones on the website). Out of those 3 sets, 2 will be changing formatting (remember the no badge thing and alternate print sizes). The new formatting will change with new designs to be added to those sets, but I'm not telling what those are going to be. Mwahahaha. You'll just have to keep an eye out. I'll slip some hints on the blog here... maybe on Twitter too.

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