Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Art WIP -- Bravely Default Buttons

If you read my review of Bravely Default, I'm sure you saw this coming. There's going to be more after this too; I'm just not going to tell you what just yet. *blows raspberries* Immature. Yes, but then I feel that maturity can be quite overrated (at times--all things in moderation, right... except cosplay. No need to moderate that).

But I digress. I have been wanting to make buttons for Bravely Default for a while. My problem: what do I put on them. I could draw just the main 4 characters. Then what outfits do I pick. Do I go with the basic Freelancer job or do I go with the special outfits you can earn through rebuilding Norende? Or I could just pick my favorites, but there are quite a few of those. @_@ I'm still not 100% decided. I'm not sure I could draw all of them, but I might try, since, you know, I'm a sucker for large impossible projects. If I drew every outfit combination for the main four, including the special ones, then I'd be looking at 100 button designs plus a couple more if I feel like including the vestal garb for Agnes, as an example. You can see my quandary. So for now, I have the characters drawn, but they're naked. Ok, not entirely... they have undies on because I don't draw nudity. =P Yes... I did draw undies so they can be decent until I decide what to clothe them in. Yes... that means I'm concerned about the modesty of two-dimensional fictional fanart characters. I never claimed to be in my right mind. 

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