Friday, April 1, 2011


Happy April Fools Day. ^_^ Today's subject is.... my kitties! =D Why? Because they're awesome. ... ... Ok not really. They're actually kind of lazy and useless, but they're very good at making messes, breaking stuff, and generally making it difficult to finish projects. They also shed fur on everything, like to randomly carry off parts of yarn projects, and sit in my face when ever I'm trying to work. They're also very affectionate, to a fault, especially the youngest...

Which one's the real cat?
You took my picture. You will die.

This is Bunny. I found her 10 years ago outside of where I worked at the time, just trotting along the highway. She was a tiny little thing then--I have a picture of my brother holding her in one of his hands, and she fit  on his palm. She's still a fairly small cat. We called her kitten for years until we realized she wasn't going to get any bigger.

Living Art
Ty w/ Squirrel
Sibling Love
The first picture features Bunny with Ferret. Ferret is a now 11 year old tabby. We picked him up with his sister, Squirrel (the gray cat in middle and right picture above), from the Human Society. It was one of the first things we did after we got married. We both wanted a pair of cats. Those two were the last in their litter; someone had left them in a paper bag on the side of the road. Unfortunately Squirrel is no longer with us. *sad* She knocked a screen out of a window in our old house and fell out said window. She then freaked and bolted. We never found her. She was a very sweet cat, and we still miss her.
Pic 1: This is Badger. He's 4 now, and he's a snuggle-bug. I picked him up over the Christmas holiday when I was doing some short-term work for my Dad's company. One of the other ladies that worked there had a cat that had just had kittens. Well Badger was one of those kittens. When I picked him up, he licked my fingers clean--there was dregs of cake icing since I'd finished icing my middle son's birthday cake earlier that day-- and then he curled up in my arms and went to sleep. There really wasn't any way I could give him back. When Badger was a kitten and small enough, he would sit on shoulders, backs, whatever perch he could find as long as it was on a human body. Pic 2: Another pic of Badger, this time having defeated and subdued my middle son, Luke at age 5ish. Pic 3: Badger now. It turns out he has a flea allergy; we discovered this when we moved last summer--we picked up fleas during the move and he started pulling his fur out. The fleas are gone, but we're still fighting the nervous habit it created in him. This is why his fur is kind of thin around his backside. It is finally starting to grow back. Badger is also the biggest cat in our house now. Pic 4: Proof that our cats are affectionate and more or less own us (or at least my husband). This particular picture features Badger, Squirrel, and Ferret. Incidentally Bunny did try to join in the cat-pile, but she couldn't find a spot. I was kind of hoping she'd figure out a way to curl up with the others because that would have made for a fun picture.

So those are our cats. =)

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