Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Animazement: Saturday

Welcome to Part 2 of my rambling narrative.

Saturday morning started off not so bad. I got up early-ish to finish Azula's boots--we were supposed to be at a meeting for the cosplay contest at 9 and they wanted us in costume so they could get pictures of the groups. I'd gotten the fabric cut out and ready to sew together when we had to start getting dressed. It took a few minutes to put together something for Zuko's scar. I got a good base down, but I think I needed to have found something darker for around the eye, plus we hadn't had time to get latex to cover the eyebrow. Of course that only matters if you're OCD about details on costumes like I am.... So, we got Shaun, who was still sick but not as bad as Friday, dressed up and painted his face up. About then, in between hollerings from Ty who was trying to get his costume on himself and couldn't figure out how some of the pieces worked, my friend Melissa showed up to pick up here Azula costume.... We couldn't find it... anywhere. We checked all the bags. We checked the car again. I know we'd packed it--I put it into the bag myself and checked off all the pieces to it. This was probably my most brilliant failure all weekend; I left the bag with Azula in it on the living room couch. >_<;;;;; Thankfully, Melissa was very forgiving arguing she hadn't really wanted to get on stage anyways. So the rest of us quickly changed and went to the cosplay meeting (only 20 minutes late).

Not having the Azula costume meant re-recording our skit since she'd no longer be part of it. The rewrite was ok, but not as good as the original. It was nice though that we did have a computer and stuff to record with at the convention (mainly because the guy who was supposed to be editing the audio together hadn't finished). XD So, after the cosplay meeting finished, I headed downstairs to the Art Room for my 2nd commission for charity session, while everyone else went back to the room to re-record the skit--Melissa voiced my part since I wasn't there, and while they were at it, since Shaun's voice was mostly gone, our Iroh voiced his part and another friend took over the voice of Iroh--it was all kind of like a bad dub. We're considering going back and recording a version that switches Ty Lee's voice with Aang's voice just for fun.

The 2nd commission session was quiet--of course it was 10 in the morning; like most con-goers are honestly awake at that point. XD I got to draw a Mokona though; that was fun. I don't usually do animals or monsters or anything like that, so it was a fun challenge and I really liked how it came out. I also forgot to mention yesterday that the artists all got a free raffle ticket for volunteering (not that I cared about that--I'd have done it anyways; that's probably why I forgot). I won an Animazement t-shirt (we got to choose between a variety of manga, Japanese M:TG cards, t-shirts and headbands) during Friday's session. That was cool. =D Didn't get anything Saturday morning--at least I don't think I did; I wasn't paying a lot of attention to the number calling as I was trying to finishi up the Mokona commission before the session ended. Friday was the same way; I was finishing the Rock Lee commission, and Melissa caught my number being called and told me. This is why Melissa comes with me to conventions. XD I'm incredibly scatterbrained around convention time, and she helps keep me on track with things. This is why she gets free art whenever she wants it and I made a costume for her... which I forgot at home... *fail*

Most the rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent in the hotel room snoozing. Shaun, of course, was resting because he still didn't feel particularly good. There had been a webcomic publishing panel I'd kind of wanted to go to, but I ended up falling asleep and napping through it. Oh well. At 4ish we went to an Avatar: The Last Airbender photoshoot. That was fun, although I didn't stay in character very well. 1: I had a wallowing Momo at my feet who would periodically tackle me and try and knock me over. 2: Everyone was being so silly, it was hard to keep a bored expression on my face. I will try to snag pictures to post on my Tumblr from the photoshoot. I know at least a couple of friends who weren't cosplaying who got pictures of the shoot for us, so I just need to wait to get copies. After the photoshoot, we went back to Melissa's room to rehearse our skit.

The rest of the evening was pretty much spent doing the cosplay contest. Line up and set up at 6. The cosplay started at 7 (almost on time this year--impressive considering how late AZ usually is--I remember 1 year, the cosplayers got through the entire song of "99 Bottles of Sake on the Wall" before they'd even finished seating people for the event). Ty went up with Logan as the only entrants in the Junior category--seriously more people need to dress their kids up. =P Ty had a small skit prepared where he chased Logan around with the intention of catching him for dinner--not actually that bad an idea considering Momo ended up in a trap set by Jet and his crew to catch food in the series. However, the announcer decided they were just going to stand and wave at the audience and he asked them a few questions. Ty improvised fairly well with that since his original plan had fallen through--he has some stage-fright, and it's always tough when things get changed on you when you're in front of several hundred people. Our skit went over alright. I think the audio ended up being a little low, but it was fun--it'd have been worth it simply for the fun we had putting it together. I'll post a link if it gets put up on You Tube--usually someone records the skits.

After the cosplay (it was about 10pm at this point) we went to Melissa's room, ordered pizza, and played cards--one of our friends had found a really nifty game called "We Didn't Playtest This" or something like that. It was silly, quick, and short--rounds usually didn't last long, but it was fun. It was also doubly good because it didn't require a lot of thought to play since most of us were pretty tired at that point and a little light headed from lack of food. That's about it for Saturday. =P I'll post the rundown on Sunday and the end of the con probably tomorrow.

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