Friday, May 13, 2011

New Neighbors

Some of you may recall that I posted on Twitter that there were new kittens living next to our neighbors porch. Yesterday afternoon, Ty (my oldest son) came in and said the kittens were on our porch. They were, and the spent the afternoon there playing with the kids. It turns out, they've moved into the bush next to our porch. Their Momma is one of the many feral cats in the village of Misenheimer--according to neighbors, the community (less than a mile across) was home to over a hundred stray cats. They're down to about a dozen regular residents now. We're looking for a home for the kittens, although if that doesn't happen soon, they may end up becoming part of our family--that would bring our family up to 5 cats. @_@ They're so adorable though. XD

 The two kittens curled up next to the porch. You have to move aside some of the branches to actually see them.
 Kitty kisses. It's fun watching them lay together.
 This is the shy one. She's got a pretty white spot on her forehead and a nifty orange patch on her ear.
 Another of the shy one.
 This one's a lot more adventurous. He's usually the first one out; his sister will usually follow a couple minutes after he ventures out.
 More of them playing together.
They've gotten to where they'll come out whenever they hear us outside. So cute and friendly.

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