Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday WIP - May II

Wow, this past week has been pretty crazy. I finished a few things (not so much of this), and I've got a lot more going on, especially in the cosplay world. We're preparing for Animazement (AZ), which means our house is turning upside down. The next couple of weeks will be the real test to see if I can keep this blog up, since May is usually one of those months where I disappear completely from the internet in the mad rush to get everything ready for AZ. So far however, I'm optimistic. I have 2 costumes nearly finished, and 2 out of the remaining 3 are started. Normally this is what the week of the convention looks like. XD Typically, I'm a horrible procrastinator to begin with and since I started doing Artist Alley tables, that just exponentially increased the preparation workload for the convention. So, on to the works in progress:

Blanket: Haha... nothing done here this week. *fail* I suppose it's acceptable considering the convention coming up and other such things, but it'd be nice to have gotten at least one little hexagon finished.

Cosplay: This is definitely the bulk of what I've been working on. Mai: I got her wig in the mail, but I haven't styled it yet, so there's no real change here. Zuko: Finished, except for his boots and figuring out how to do his scarring--I've found some tutorials and I've got some ideas, but I haven't gotten materials or tested anything yet. Jet: His pants are almost finished, and I have most of the fabric cut out. Momo: I collected the materials and organized them into a box--does that count as progress? XD Azula: This one is for a good friend of mine. This is the awesome friend who has gone with me to most of the conventions I have art tables at; she helps me at my table, keeps me company, and is a great source of encouragement. On top of that since my cousin is going as Ty Lee and I'm going as Mai, it was too good a chance to turn down when she offered to go as Azula if someone would help her put together the costume. Last weekend we went fabric shopping. We got started on her costume, and she'll be coming up the next 2 weekends before the convention so we can work on it. =) Right now though it's just a pile of fabric (just like Jet and Momo). XD (In the 2nd picture, Jet and Momo fabric piles are in the top box; Azula is in the box underneath that.)

Cosplay Props: The swords and knives have been cut out. =D Shaun is working on sanding them down now. We'll be putting a layer of paint down soon.

Moogle: I know it's been a long while since this one's popped up here; there have been a lot of distractions since this one was started. XD I think the last WIP picture was back in March. Anyways, over the last week, I've started work on this guy again. I've finished his wings, after only 3 failed attempts at coming up with something I liked. His legs, arms, and ears are completely attached, and I have hope that I will get the rest of the pieces sewn on today.

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