Friday, June 17, 2011

I Am So Drawing FMA Bookmarks

Over the last couple of days I have been attempting to finish watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I just finished Disc 5, and I have 3 more discs in my possession left to watch. The last two don't come out until July, so I'll either have to wait for those, or succumb to the temptation to watch it illegally online somewhere. XD So far, I am in fangirl heaven. I love (mostly) what they've done with the story and the characters. In this blog, I'm going to try and highlight some of the cool and new aspects of Brotherhood without giving away too many spoilers (I hope).

First of all, Brotherhood follows the manga's storyline, at least that's what I've been told by someone whom I'd consider to be a credible source. I'm not going to say the original anime's story was bad--in fact, I'm going to try to not to offer any kind of comparative judgment here; I honestly think both are good. Anyways, some highlights of things that make Brotherhoods story different: 1) The homunculuses (homunculi?) are different, or at least made differently--I think this is cool because it makes it so they can add new twists and unexpected turns to the plot. 2) The motivations behind the villain(s)--keep in mind I haven't finished the series yet--are different, therefore their schemes and plans lead to new plot developments, and old events from the original FMA story that make it into Brotherhood are altered. 3) The plot of Brotherhood (at least in my opinion) is less Elric-centric. I'm not saying this is good or bad, but the plot in Brotherhood is bigger than the Elric's goals and motivations, which were the central focus of the original FMA. Personally, I love that FMA: Brotherhood is different from the original FMA. I'm glad it's not a literal remake of the first with the same characters and plot. Brotherhood's plot has a lot of new and exciting twists that keep me on the edge of my seat; it recaptures a lot of the excitement I experienced watching the first.

I'd also like to highlight another aspect of Brotherhood that I've enjoyed. Brotherhood includes the original cast that I grew to know and love in the original FMA, but it also adds a lot of cool new faces to its character lineup plus gives some older characters either more of a role or different roles within the story. Brotherhood introduces the countries that border Amestra, the country in which most of FMA takes place. In particular, we get to meet two characters from Xing. My favorite was May Chang--she's cute, adorable, uses healing alchemy (under a different name), and has a pet dwarf panda; how could I not love her? The panda alone would be enough to endear me, not to mention my attraction toward priest and healer classes in most games. I also liked Ling with his pair of ninja lackeys. These two made an excellent edition to FMA (adding kung-fu to anything makes it better right?) XD I just got introduced to Olivier Mira Armstrong--Alex Louis Armstrong's older sister--and I have high hopes that she will be just as awesome as her brother.

I don't want to say much more--I don't want to give too much away because you should go watch this anime. =D I will say that as soon as I finish beefing up the original design art side of my art table, I am definitely drawing an epic FMA bookmark set which will probably include at least 20 bookmarks. FMA is still filled with a lot of awesome characters; I'm not sure I could honestly narrow it down to a smaller set because there are just too many characters that I like. I'll stop now before I go too far into my fangirlish side. In conclusion FMA: Brotherhood is excellent; go watch it if you haven't. 

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