Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Summer: I'm on Break Right?

Lazy summer mornings... are temporal anomalies. I honestly believe they're urban legends. My kids are out of school--yesterday was their last day, and since they're returning to homeschool (they have the same opinion of mornings as I do, although for the record that is not the only reason we homeschool) yesterday was supposed to be the last morning we ever had to be up before 7am, or 8am, or 9am, or... you get the idea. Instead, this morning my 4-year old decided we were getting up at 6:30. >_< My 10 year old made a gallant go of sleeping in, but wild craziness involving a 4 year old jumping on his bed ended that by 7:45.

To be fair, my 4-year old, Logan, isn't the only reason we end up getting up earlier than we would like. Sometimes it's the cats. Sometimes it's insomnia. Sometimes it's just plain "I'm awake" for no reason. Now, I could turn this blog into a huge rant as to why I hate mornings, but anyone who watches me on Twitter knows I don't like mornings, so I don't really need to say it again. Besides, as my husband put it, maybe mornings aren't so bad really. We have to get up at some point even if we don't like it. We could lay around in bed all day, but then we'd be cats. =P

So, sleeping in doesn't work so well. I'm, at least, on break right? My next convention isn't until the end of July. It's still June. Except, that's still only about 6-7 weeks away. On top of that, the next convention is Otakon. Otakon draws in more than 20,000 people now. I've never had an Artist Alley table at a convention as large as this one. That means I should probably prepare more stuff for my table. That means I need to make more plushies, and I should maybe draw more bookmarks, and wouldn't be cool if I could get those What Would badges and Archetype badges I had in mind doing finished in time for the convention... *Goes back to Otakon site and re-reads through the artist alley policies.* Oh, they want a 50/50 split between fanart and original art items. *Starts calculating.* If I take the whole tarot card set that's 78 cards, and if they count prints and badges as separate items then that's 156 pieces of fanart right there, and that's not even including the What Would set; that's 24 more fanart pieces. How much original art do I have now? How many more plushies can I make between now and then? I wonder how they will count my husband's chain mail jewelry designs? So maybe I won't be making new bookmarks. Maybe I should leave the ones I have at home; it would free up table space. Oh, that might be good, since my table helpers won't be around to help; I need to pack stuff so my husband and I can haul everything there in one trip. And oh yeah, the kids are coming back to homeschool, I should probably plan some lessons for when school starts in early July. @_@ ........

Conclusion: Summer Break is just an Illusion

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