Friday, February 10, 2017

One-A-Day Pokemon

I've been working to revitalize my art. I've been away for a long time for a variety of reasons (maybe one of these days I'll post about that). One of the things I've decided to do is to try to finish one Pokemon button drawing every week day for 2017. I felt this would be a good challenge because it would get me drawing, and it would give me a chance to draw more animals, which is a little out of my comfort zone. So far, I've only missed 3 days. Of course, I'd rather that number be 0, but another thing I'm doing this year is keeping things in perspective. In this case, perspective means being kind to myself when things don't go perfectly.

So, anyways... So far, I've posted 26 Pokemon! I'm pretty pleased with that. Right now, I'm going through the Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex. That may not be the most creative way to go through this project, but it does give focus, which is good, especially on days when I might not be feeling it. These buttons will be available for purchase online, or for pick-up at conventions, but I'm not planning on taking them with me to conventions to put on my table. For one, there will be just too many designs--it's a lot to print and a lot to carry around. I will be doing these print-on-demand-style.

If you want to follow my Pokemon progress, I am sharing them on my Facebook page and my Tumblr. Here are the ones I have finished including #27, which I will be posting later today.

If you're interested in purchasing Pokemon buttons, then send me a message via Tumblr or Facebook. Or, you can purchase a Button listing from Etsy. Or, you can send me an email. If not purchased through Etsy, you can pay via Paypal. In your message, let me know which Pokemon buttons you want. Buttons are 1-3/4 inches diameter and are $2 each. 

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