Saturday, February 25, 2017

Dr. Strange

Warning: This post might contain spoilers.

So, I mentioned in my Anniversary Post, that I went to see Dr. Strange. Yes, I know we're late to the scene. We almost missed it completely in the theaters. In my defense, I hardly ever go to the theaters anymore. I've never been a movie person--much to the chagrin of my husband who loves movies. It's expensive, and I can usually think of lots of other things I'd rather be doing than spending an hour plus in the car to go see a movie... like crafting. But anyways.

I loved this movie. Benedict Cumberbatch plays arrogant jerk so well. I loved him in Sherlock, in spite of the fact that his Sherlock Holmes was not all that likable. His version of Stephen Strange was not all that likable either. I had no trouble feeling that he was getting what he deserved with the wreck and the aftermath. Instead of being thankful to be alive, he lashed out cruelly at those around him. Seriously, it took some suspension of disbelieve to accept that he had survived the crash at all, although maybe he didn't, and everything that followed was some weird afterlife thing or coma-induced dream. There was no life-changing perspective thing at that point. No life flashing before the eyes. No re-evaluation of purpose. Just Stephen Strange, arrogant jerk.

I do like intelligent men though (I stand by that; I even married a college professor). I think this movie celebrates study (life-long learning FTW) and creativity. Both are things I appreciate. At least, this is what I think the movie highlighted. Of course, that could be my own personal bias rearing its head there. In any case, in spite of the unpleasant personality of the main character, especially early in the movie, I really liked this movie.

I will also add that I loved the extra at the end with Thor. <3 <3 <3 I do hope I will get to see Dr. Strange interacting with Loki--as friends or enemies. I don't care. I expect a significant amount of satisfaction from that.

I also think that my husband should cosplay Dr. Strange. It seriously needs to happen. He looks a lot like him already, except that he has long hair right now.

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