Monday, February 13, 2017


Last weekend, my husband and I celebrated our 17th anniversary.

I feel blessed to have someone who has put up with my quirks for that long by choice.

So, we spent the weekend running around, being random, and spending time with each other and our two older kids.

We did lots of running around. I think we spent, all told, 13 hours in the car that weekend. Running around was practical (groceries at Costco), ferrying a kid (Ty volunteered Saturday for Scouting for Food), and fun (Barnes & Noble for some board games--Mysterium and Splendor, Jo-Anns for fabric, dollar theater--which is $3 not $1--for Dr. Strange).

We did random things. We went out Friday to see Dr. Strange, which I had not seen yet, completely on impulse (and because the AMC gift card we thought we had were devoid of funds and for some reason had not been thrown out). I liked Dr. Strange. A lot. Barnes & Noble was not planned, but was an impulse stop. We treated ourselves to 2 games we tried out at Magfest this year and really liked.

We spent time with our two older kids. Our two younger kids went to visit the in-laws for the weekend, so we got to spend some quality time with the older ones. They came with us to see Dr. Strange and out to dinner Saturday. They also played some board games with us. It was fun. My super sweet oldest son had offered to babysit so my husband and I could go out for our anniversary, but it was so much more fun being able to share some of the activities we did with them.

Most important, we spent time with each other. We are intentional about spending time with each other during the week normally--something I think is important to having a lasting relationship. It was fun though to spend pretty much the entire weekend doing fun things with each other and not even thinking about work.

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