Monday, August 8, 2011

Panda's Watching Stuff

One of the things my husband and I wanted to do as part of the reorganizing and simplifying of our life associated with this move is to make a serious attempt at paring down our "Things to Watch" list. There's a lot of stuff there... and I mean a lot. Now, we could of course just opt to not watch some of the stuff on the list--and we might actually do that for a few things--but that isn't our goal. Most of the stuff on our "Things to Watch" list are there because we wanted to watch it, at least a little bit. Some are of course more appealing than others.

Since we've decided not to delete titles off the List, the next obvious thing to do is set aside time to start watching more of the stuff on it. Over an undefined period of time starting last week and going through whenever, we will be watching two episodes from two different series a night. We'll watch kid-friendly shows earlier and let our boys watch with us. The other shows that the kids should not be watching, we'll watch after they go to bed. We each get to pick a show to watch, so, at least theoretically, there's at least one show to look forward to watching.

To start things off, I chose My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. My cousin and several friends have been really getting after me to watch this, and since we did slaughter 3 of the ponies during our last D&D game; everyone seemed extra excited at the deaths of Celestia and Pinky Pie. That was definitely one reason why I chose to watch this series--I'm curious as to why. Also, a lot of people whose opinions I generally respect also had a lot of good things to say about the writing and the series in general. On top of that, I saw so much My Little Pony stuff--in Artist Alley and a lot of cosplays--at Otakon. I admit hoards of rabid fans usually scare me, but when I got D&D, Renaissance Faire, and serious steampunk types who I wouldn't expect to like cutesy things praising it as well, I'll admit it piqued my interest further... so, we're watching My Little Pony.

My husband has chosen to finish Soul Eater--we'd gotten a 10-episode start into this series when life intervened and we had to put it down for a while. We're not on a mission to finish this series, and on a random side note, I really really want to draw Death the Kid as a My Little Pony (in fact, go ahead and expect to see it one of these days). XD I also want to draw a Soul Eater bookmark set (Maka, Soul, Black Star, Tsubaki, Death the Kid, the Thompson sisters, Shinigami, Stein, Medusa, etc.) Anyways, back on topic... Personally, I really like the animation style, and the wacky humor of the series. I've heard it gets really dark, and I hope I keep liking it after it starts moving away from the craziness of the earlier episodes.

When we get a little farther into these series, I will be posting personal reviews of them and maybe some random fanart as well.

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