Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday WIP - Commissions

It's been a slow week for work on art stuff between driving all over the state of North Carolina to my cousin's wedding to continuing to unpack and try and remember what I've done with things. However, there has still been some progress. =) I have spent most of my art time working on commissions--these will always take priority over projects for my Art Tables or Etsy shop.

First up is Squall: since last week, he has been line-arted (is that even a word?) and has a base layer of color. I like going through and flat coloring an entire character before I go back and add shade. When I started running tables in Artist Alleys I would color and shade all at the same time, so I'd start by completely finishing the hair, then move on to the skin, then the eyes, and so on. I don't remember when this changed exactly, but now I flat color the picture, then I go back and start working on shading.

Next up is She-Ra: I have made the most progress with her. I have finished the line art, the flat coloring, and I've started shading her. It took me a while to get the shading on the skin to a place where I was happy with it, and I'm still not sure I'm 100% pleased with it; I might have to do some more tweaking later. The first picture is the line art and flat coloring. The second is the shading I finished earlier today. The third is a close up of some of the shading.

Finally I have a sketch finished for a "special" badge project I'm working on. I'm not going to say much about this one--I'm allowed to post some WIP pics and hint a little at what I'm doing, but you'll have to wait to see what it's for until the project goes live at the end of this month. ^_^

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