Friday, August 5, 2011

Plans... What Plans?

That's kind of how my life seems to go at the moment. I make plans, but then life has other plans which pretty much always override my plans. Sometime I wonder why I even bother making plans--aside from the fact that without some kind of plan I'd spend my days utterly distracted with absolutely focus.

Nothing ever seems to go the way I have in mind for things to happen. For example, just today, I'd planned to spend the morning working on lesson plans, and then I'd spend the afternoon working on the Team Sidequest website (which needed to be up months ago) and commissions. This evening has been claimed for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for my cousin's wedding, since I'm one of her bride's maids and Ty is her ring bearer (btw he looks absolutely adorable in his little tux). What actually happened today? First of all, I got up 7ish, then ended up back asleep till about 10. Admittedly it was nice sleeping late, but that killed most of my morning. I then got a text from my Mom, who was 'stranded' at her hotel--she'd come up early to help with wedding preparations except everything's pretty much ready and my dad got called into work and he'd taken the car and left her at the hotel. So, I only ended up lesson planning for maybe an hour, then I went to pick up my mom. I have spent the rest of the afternoon looking around for preschool stuff for Logan, and outdoor toys and activities to keep the boys busy (i.e., shopping). Admittedly it's also been nice to go out and do some girl time stuff (with a house full of boys that doesn't happen very often). Also, my husband's sick and has been in bed all day. @_@ The tally: lesson plans for next week are not ready; commissions are sitting about where they were yesterday--lineart for Squall is finished and lineart has been started for She-Ra, and that's about all that's been accomplished since Wednesday. I also have a couple of 'surprise' projects I'm working on for someone--I haven't said much about it, but keep an eye out. ;) Really I'd planned on having at least one of the commissions completely finished by now. Failsauce.

Life has rewritten my plans similarly most every day this week. It's getting old and a little frustrating. Does this kind of thing happen to anyone else?

Also, would anyone be interested in a post about my drawing process--the steps I follow for most of my art?

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