Friday, August 17, 2012

Samurai Kings

You may have noticed that I've been watching a lot more anime than usual lately--evident by the increased number of anime reviews (if you can really call them that) I've been posting. This is because I like either reading or watching something while I'm feeding Sophie. There will be more of this, I'm sure, in the weeks and months to come. At the very lease look for Code Geass, Durarara, Game of Thrones (the book, not HBO series), and Tsubasa Chronicles (2nd season). On that note, I'm always open to suggestions for new things to watch (if it's on Crunchyroll, that's a plus).

Anyways, onto today's topic. A few weeks ago now, I borrowed a series from my best friend and the supplier for most of the anime I get to watch (that's not on Cruchyroll), called Sengoku Basara, or Samurai Kings. This anime is very much like watching one of the Dynasty Warriors games only much more ridiculous. In fact, I believe there is a game much like that based off of this anime; believe me, it wouldn't be a stretch. It's been at least 2 weeks since we finished this series, and I'm still trying to decide whether I liked it or was horrified by it. XD I have developed a somewhat morbid fascination with this series; I even kind of want to draw it. I might draw it anyways, simply in the name of procrastinating on other stuff that I should be trying to finish (I could always use another project, right?).

The plot is mediocre, at best. It's one of many anime that take place in a vaguely historical setting where forces of good (in this case overpowered samurai and a couple of ninjas) take on the ever popular villain Oda Nobunaga. That is hardly an original story there. The story follows several factions each led by a named samurai lord. As in most of these stories the soldiers under the leaders are hardly worth mentioning and die by the thousands (remember that Dynasty Warriors reference). The named characters are all significantly overpowered compared to the average soldiers so much that a single blow from their sword (or spear or scythe or whatever weapon they wield) sends soldiers flying by the dozens--admittedly this was pretty funny the first couple of times it happened. Again, remember the Dynasty Warriors reference. Watching the battles in Sengoku Basara is pretty much like watching that game.

So, what makes this anime worth watching? I would say it's the characters. Their fighting powers are over the top, and they all have personalities to match. The storytelling style used in this anime is also rather over the top. It's really hard to describe, honestly. This series takes everything at least one step further. For instance, why have your samurai lord ride just a plain old horse? Give that horse armor... but even that's too mundane. Instead of reins, attach motorcycle style handlebars and that's more like it. XD I'm still not sure if I should be frightened or amused. It's worth a laugh or two at the very least; I'd recommend catching the first episode or so for that reason alone.

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