Thursday, September 1, 2011

Works in Progress No. 5, Vol. 6

I'm numbering this with the August WIPs since it was supposed to go out last night. >_< Obviously, that didn't happen. I'm not one of those bloggers who stockpiles entries; maybe I should, but that would require organization and planning, and neither of those are something I'm really good at. That said, my mornings have been given over to chores and taking care of the kids' school stuff (I homeschool), and blogging got shifted to the late afternoon and evenings. That clearly hasn't been working given the number of late entries and the number of entries posted late in the evening. I'm going to rearrange my mornings a bit so these get posted on the day they're supposed to be posted on.

Moving on, let's see what's been accomplished in the last week. First off, I finished Aries, the girl twin to the Aries I finished for AWA last year. I've had her mostly finished for a while, hence why she hasn't shown up in any of the weekly WIP posts; this week though, I finally sat down and finished her.
 I've been spending most of my time working on the Zodiac set. The sketch of Pisces I posted 2 weeks ago has been inked. Capricorn has also been inked. The Aquarius I had inked last week is colored and almost finished. I need to finish adding shading and a background, but she'll be done in maybe another hour worth of work (I'm probably wrong about this--I almost always severely underestimate time). I have also sketched and inked Gemini and Leo, and Gemini has a flat layer of color on her. So, I've been busy. 

Lastly, I've gotten a little bit of crocheting done. That ball of yarn and circle I posted a couple of weeks ago is now looking a lot more like a Pikachu. I've also redesigned how I make his ears, and I really like the result. I also have a purple kitty mini-plushie in the works, but Kisa has once again carried it off. =P Maybe I'll have pics of that one next week. XD

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