Friday, July 1, 2011

I Can't Belive It's Already Friday

Seriously, when did that happen? For some reason, my brain is having trouble processing the fact that it is not really Thursday. XD So, today's post is going to be pretty informal with a mix of what I'd planned on posting Wednesday and the results of some of the yesterday's adventures.

For no logical reason, I'm going to start with progress on our cosplay projects. Yesterday I had to pick up some stuff from the Scout Store, which happens to conveniently be right next to Hancock Fabrics (the only fabric store within 40 miles of where I live). We hadn't planned on buying anything yesterday; we were mostly just researching available materials for our upcoming costumes, since we're really still in the planning stages. We found some okay whites for Suzaku and Euphemia, although I'm still not sure about Suzaku's white. That one's going to be tough (at least I think it's going to be). It'd be awesome if I could find something similar to what is used in real military uniforms or maybe marching band uniforms. Anyone know what that is? We also found the most awesome yellow-gold fabric for Suzaku; the weight and texture were good and the color was perfect. As an added bonus, it was also on clearance. =)

Not the best background for the picture, but if you hold the fabric up, it is a spot on match for the gold on Suzaku's jacket.
Casting supplies we picked up yesterday.
Yesterday we also went to Michaels. The goal for this trip was to find supplies to make another attempt at resin casting. I had tried making resin gems for cosplay accessories several years ago, but the result was always very sticky and never seamed to set right. Fev--an awesomely talented artist and propmaker--recommended a different brand of resin when I asked her about the stuff she casts, so I'm going to give that a try. By the way, you should all go follow Fev; her stuff is amazing (Link to her facebook page: Right now, we're mostly going to be experimenting with the stuff, but I'd like to use it to craft parts of the Twilight Princess Zelda costume remake.

Finally, I talked a lot about plushie making and art and stuff a few posts back, so I thought I'd share a brief update on how Otakon preparations are going. I haven't gotten much more finished on the new Aries design. She's inked, but I've spent most of my art time fighting with my computer to get it to work with the file--the zodiac psds file range from 70 to 90 Mb in size and my poor computer has trouble processing that. This probably means I need to upgrade my computer, but that's not really in the budget right now, so I'll have to deal with it. I've also been working on plushies. Earlier this week I finished pale yellow bunny and kitty mini-plushies, and I'm almost finished with a gray bunny. I've also been trying to build up my stock for some of my other plushies--which up until now, I've only kept one of on hand. So, I got a picture of all my finished plushies: from left to right starting with the back row: Black Mokona, Moogle, White Mokona, Pikachu, Pikachu, Kirby, Umbreon, unfinished Toothless, Pikachu, unfinished Kirby; front row: unfinished Gray Bunny, Yellow Bunny, Yellow Kitty, Peppermint Bunny, Peppermint Kitty. My goal right now is to have 3 of each fanart plushie and a decent (vague, I know) number of the mini-plushies.

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