Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday WIP - July Part 2

There hasn't been anything super exciting going on with my art and craft projects this week--I've been more concerned with the fact that I have to have everything ready for storage trips tomorrow and Friday. Saturday we will be celebrating my husband's birthday, then Sunday will be spent preparing what's left for the movers who will be coming Monday. After that we have to come back down to this house to clean up and repair things, but I'm hoping during that time I can pull out my pencil and paper and work some on artwork or other craft project. I've really missed my regularly scheduled art time. It's been tough getting ready to move 5 people and 4 cats with only 2 weeks notice. *sigh* Thankfully that process is almost over.

So, what has been done this week? Well, I've been working on more charms. Why? Well, they're easy to sit down and work on in small chunks, and they've made a good break from packing--breaks are good; they keep me from getting too overwhelmed and crazy, especially considering how short my attention span generally is. XD I also go to listen to my husband read From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne. We were reading it, since neither of us had read it before, but we wanted to give it to Ty as a reading project for the first 6 week session of school. That also made things interesting. It's a very good book; I'm not really into sci-fi-ish stories, but I'd recommend reading this one. So, anyways, the first picture is the current round of charms that I'm working on--these will have white bases with pink, lavender, red, or blue. I have one more round planned after this one; we'll see if I can get to those. The second picture is what I've "finished" so far--finished being relative. I've finished sculpting them and they've been baked, but the pendants still need the designs added and I still need to put a glaze on the whole set. If I get all the charms I have planned completed, then I'll be adding another 120 different charms to this picture.

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