Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where's the WIP?

This has turned into one of those days. This is what was supposed to happen: Get up, eat breakfast, pack some, do school stuff with Luke when he got out of bed, maybe work a little bit on charms, then spend the rest of the day packing. This evening we had a family night event with Ty who is at Boy Scout Summer Camp this week. That's about the only part of today that's gone as planned.

Okay, so getting up, breakfasting, and packing some went as planned too. Today has been one of those off days for school though where neither Luke nor I were really on top of our game. On top of that, the sole on Shaun's shoes melted off--at least that's what it looked like, but the end result was we had to make an unplanned trip to get shoes before the family night event.

Aside from the shoes, it's not like anything really big went wrong today; it's been tons of little things, and so the end result is we didn't get through everything I'd planned to do for school today, I haven't finished any charms (working on yellow/orange and yellow/black), and we're only a fraction of the way through the packing that we need to be right now. Failsauce. Also, generally speaking, I don't have much new to report for crafty WIPs. I could take a pic of the pile of boxes we've been going through and the stack of stuff we have to take to storage next week, but who really wants to see that? =P You can see that I really do have too much junk (I'm a pack rat and I hate throwing away anything that I think I might have a use for at some point). Incidentally, I've been very good, and I've been throwing out or donating a lot of stuff. In the long run, this will make moving much easier--not to mention unpacking later. Maybe I'll be able to post a WIP style post Friday. I hope so; crafting is infinitely more fun than packing and sorting through stuff.

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